A DREAM COME TRUE by Manuel Esteban



This book talks about a girl called Tanya who wants to enter in a band called Starlight. Tanya goes to have the auditions to enter in the band with her friend called Dan. When Dan is playing the imageselectric guitar, she finds a pair of valuable earrings. Dan says that she must return them to the police. Finally Tanya decides to return them to the police after the performance. After the audition Dan gets entering in the band as an electric guitar player. But Tanya also enters in the band but not as a lead singer, because this post is for Bianca, because Bianca’s father blackmails Lara Lane (the boss).When Starlight is singing Damien and Jack discover that Tanya has their earrings and they kidnap her. They take her to the hotel, because the earrings are there. Dan notices that Tanya is not there and calls the police. When the police arrives in the hotel the kidnappers threaten Tanya with a knife. They manage to run away, but finally a policeman rescues Tanya and catches the kidnappers and the thieves of the earrings. At the end Bianca discovers that her mother is not dead, she is Lara Lane.


Tanya: She is the main character. She has straight short blonde hair. She has a friend called Dan. She belongs to a music band called Starlight.

Dan: He is Tanya’s friend. He has short dark hair. He is the guitarist of the Starlight. He helps Tanya with her decisions.

Bianca: She is the lead singer because her father blackmails Lara Lane who is the boss of the band. She has curly blonde hair.

Damien and Jack: They are the two thieves of the earrings. They threaten Tanya with a knife. Damien is the boss.


She lives in Instanbul and she works as a writer and editor. Her published work includes two texts books for pre-school children in Turkey, readers from different countries and a book of tales for children in England.

Some books that she has written are:

  • The Castle of Darkness.
  • A Dream Come True.
  • The Kingdom of the Snow Leopard.

My Opinion

I think this book is very interesting and wonderful. I was surprised with the final. The vocabulary was very easy but it also has some exceptions. It is a very good book. I have learnt some new words and expressions that appear in the book. I really recommend it.




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