The Parker family, is a normal family who were planning their 978996347937holidays, when suddenly a letter from Janice O’connor, the housekeeper arrived. The letter said that part of their aunt Sahara’s house had been burned, because of a torch that had been dropped, and his aunt was scared and needed help urgently. The Parker family has to radically change plans, since they would have to go to kilmarny island where their aunt lived.The arrival to the village of kilmarny was very hard, the car in which they travelled broke down and they had to go on a cart with a goat that was about to be crowned according to what an old legend said. When they arrived to their aunt’s House , it was very old, dirty, and it had not electricity , and to make matters worse their aunt was not good at cooking, so they had to go to the village pub to have an appropriate  dinner. The next day they set to work in order to sell the House, although their aunt didn’t want to and nor did, apparently, a lepricon «Finikin» turned out to be their aunt’s protector. He tried to do his best to avoid them from selling it, for example: kidnaping Brian for a while in order to help him with the task. The day of the sale, their aunt is hidden in a secret passage located in Brian’s room and as she was so nervous and scared, she led the torch fall again and the passage started burning, and there was a lot of smoke. Brian, who was in his room smelled the smoke and tried to save his aunt but he could not and it was the lepricon Finikin who finally saved her. The passage leaded to a room full of paintings made by aunt Sara, and by selling them through Clive, they got money to rebuild the house. On Saturday they went to see the crowning of the goat, and they realized that kilmarny is spectacular and so, they decided to stay and live with her aunt Sara in her new, well… new, better say at her former but arranged home.

Written by: Tania Lozano (2º ESO-B)


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