U.K GAME by Celia García

U.K. GAME bandera england


-More than two players.

-Print the dice.

-Make the figures.

-Want to have fun


First you make the dice and the figures. You choose who is going to start. Throw the dice and start.

-You have to read the question of the number you have come down. If you answer it correctly you throw again the dice. If you answer it wrongly you can´t throw the dice again. Then it is the turn of your partner.

-If you come down in a square with this                    you have to go to the correspondent square independent is up or down.

-The first to arrive to the end is the winner.


1-What´s the name of the Irish most famous mythology animal?

2-What´s the name of  Prince Charles’ son?

3-Is Trafalgar square in London?

4-Which is the river that crosses London?

5- Where was Charles Darwin from?

6-Where was the creator of Starbucks from?

7-Is Jessy J. from England?

8-Is a raven a symbol of bad luck?

9-Is the writer of Harry Potter from England?

10-When is Thanks Giving Day?

11-Is there a China Town in London?

12-Where are there more inhabitants, in London or in New York?

13-Where is the famous group U2 from?

14-Who was James Cook?

15-Where is Rhianna from?

16-How many people, approximately, live in London?

17-Capital of Scotland.

18-Capital of Ireland.

19-Capital of England.

20-Who was the writer of Sherlock Holmes?

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