THE GODFATHER by Jorge Rodríguez Lallana

It is one of the best films I’ve ever seen. The Godfather shows  the  Mafia from the inside.

We can see how  these people lived, their families and their rules. índice

It is fascinating and terrifying at the same time, with this film we discover a new  universe, in which these people “worked” doing things which had a very important influence in the life of millions of American people, and also on Italians in general and Sicilian in particular.

In my opinion this film is a master piece that tells us about death, respect, obligations, fidelity and above all family, religion and the whole society.

The film starts with a wedding. The director shows us the characters. The main character, Vito Corleone, who built and empire from nothing, has three sons and a daughter. The daughter, Connie, lives closed at home following the tradition of staying at home, having children and waiting for their husbands. The oldest son ,Santino, is a strong man but too impulsive, both with women and when he has to make a decision. He is killed. Then comes Fredo who is weak and clumsy, so he can’t be a leader. And the youngest, Michael who doesn’t care about family business.

Vito Corleone has created an empire and he’s getting old, he is worried about who will  care for  his empire when he dies. The same thing happens in ‘King Lear’ by Shakespeare, the only difference is the stage, NorthAmerica in its 40s and 50s during the  Century.

Jorge Rodríguez Lallana

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