Gandhi by Claudia Hernando



This is a summary that talks about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, an mahatma-gandhi-proponent-peace-sue-vander-hook-book-cover-artexample that all of us have to follow to live in a fair and peaceful world. Mohandas Gandhi was born in 1869 in a small village called Porbandar in the north west of India. During his childhood he lived in Ralkot. Gandhi was very shy and he didn’t have any friends. When he was 13, his parents married him with Karstuba or Ba (as he called him).

Later Gandhi met a Moslem friend, but he was a bad influence and Gandhi started to do bad things like stealing money. After that, he felt terrible, so he wrote a letter to his dad telling him everything, and Gandhi decided to change and became a good person. When his father died, his family decided that he had to study to be a lawyer in England. He tried to adapt to his new life, and become an English gentleman, but he wasn’t happy in England. Slowly he started to develop his ideas about

non-violence. Because of his shyness he couldn’t work as a lawyer in India so he decided to travel to South Africa. Gandhi saw the differences between races and he began to fight (but always without violence).

He returned to India and he explained the injustice in India, Britain and South Africa. During his life Gandhi was sent to prison twice. When Gandhi was in jail, his wife, Ba, died.

The British Prime Minister spoke with Gandhi about when the British left India. The problem was the violence between Moslems and Hindus. Gandhi decided to fast in his home. Two representatives signed a peace agreement in front of him. A few days later at a praying meeting a bomb exploded. Gandhi didn’t die of a bomb attack, he died because a man fired three shots. According to the Hindu custom his family washed his body and prepared it to burn. Gandhi’s third son, Ramdas lit the fire. A million and a half people marched in it and another million watched. Many world leaders sent messages to the Indian people.

Written by: Claudia Hernando Fernández 2ºB



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