Diego Martínez de la Hidalga Gastaminza y José Miguel Pardo ha preparado este trabajo en clase de Inglés.

Song of ice and fire
When Jon Arryn died, the king Robert Baratheon, chose his best friend, Eddard Stark (Ned), to take the place of Jon Arryn, the king´s hand. Ned accepted and he went to the Red Fort, in King´s Landing. There Ned was involved in a web of lies and tricks that he tried to unscramble. That cost him his life. He was the governor of the North, so his dead made the northerners got into the war for the Iron Throne. The brothers of Robert, the pirates of the Iron Islands and the son of Robert fight in that war too.
Whereas, in the other side of the Dusk Sea, the princess Daenerys gathers an army to conquer the kingdom that Robert steal to her father.
In the Wall, the Others attack the Night Guard and the wild clans try to cross the Wall for scape of this danger.
It´s a cool book, really violent and with spicy scenes, but I liked it. It made me be aware of everything because all the details are important. You will never guess what is going to happen so the book will never stop to amaze you.

George R. R. Martin (author)
George Raymond Richard Martin 1948, known as George R. R. Martin , is a writer and screenwriter American of fantasy literature, science fiction and terror famous for being the author of the novel series song of ice and fire, adapted into television with the title of game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) .
George R. R. Martin is the oldest of three brothers. He grew up in a working family, his father was a stevedore of italo-German descent, and her mother, of Irish descent. Since childhood, he is interested in reading and becomes an early writer of short stories. Subsequently attend college of journalism at the Northwestern University of Evanston, Illinois, where he graduated in 1971.
Martin was a prolific author of short fiction in the 1970s, and his work was awarded with several awards Hugo and Nebula. At the end of this decade began to publish their first novels, the first of them being one of the most popular: death of light (Dying of the Light, 1977). This success allows you to devote himself exclusively to literature, where blends the genres of science fiction, fantasy and terror .
Combines writing with his work in Hollywood, late in 1996 Martin leaves Hollywood and retires to Santa Fe (New Mexico) , where returns to the world of literature with the novel Game of Thrones (A Game of Thrones, 1996) the cycle of novels song of ice and fire, with which obtained great success among critics and sales.

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