GRAVITY by Diego Rodríguez Miranda



Principal prominent figures:

                                 Sandra Bullock- Ryan Stone a medical engineer and mission specialist                                                  

                                 George Clooney – Matt Kowalski the commander of the team

                        Ed Harris – a Mission Control in Houston

                       Paul Sharma (voice) de Shariff, the engineer of Explorer

                       Basher Savage – (voice) as the capitan of the International Space Station.

                        Amy Warren – (voice) as the captain  of Explorer

Oscar Awards:

The best visual effects

– The best sound

– Better edition of sound

– Better assembly

– Better photography

– The best sonorous band

– The best director


Gravity is an action film and science fiction thriller in which a NASA spaceship call “Explorer” is in the space. The problem comes when a Russian missile strikes on a defunct satellite and the rests don’t have a specific direction so they provoke a chain reaction that ends with a crash to Doctor  Ryan Stones spaceship.  Ryan goes out its orbit and Matt Kowalski has to look for it. When they finally return to the Explorer no one is alive. After checking all the damages they go to the International Space Station (ISS ) in order to take a scape capsule for returning to Earth, but suddenly all goes wrong and Matt Kowalski disappears because the rope that keeps them together broke . Ryan is alone and although there’s not a lot of oxygen she finally enters on the ISS. A fire forces her to leave the ISS in a capsule toward a China orbital station (Tiangong) which is rapidly deorbiting. Ryan uses a fire extinguisher as an  improvised propellant to travel to the orbital station. Ryan enters the capsule just as Tiangong starts to break on the atmosphere, but she is ready to land to Earth. The capsule lands in a lake and when she opens the capsule hatch the water enters and sinks it forcing Ryan to swim ashore. She takes her first steps in the full gravity of Earth.



Personal opinion:

It is a wonderful science fiction film and is very well done, the special effects are very good, with spectacular images from space. The film is not long and is a pleasure to see. It is a highly recommended film that I loved.


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