Righteous Kill by Luis Arribas



Righteous Kill is a policing thriller directed by Jon Avnet and starring Robert De Niro, Al killPacino and 50 Cent among others in 2008.


The plot of the movie is about two detectives Tom «Turk» Cowan (Robert De Niro) and David «Rooster» Fisk (Al Pacino) which, after thirty years working together, they are getting close to their retirement, when they are asked to investigate a new case of a known procured died. Firstly it seems like being a minor case, but days go on and more people die the same way, now they notice the assassin is a serial murderer. The common pattern in every person killed is that they all had scape from the judicial system. His aim is to make criminals pay for what justice didn’t punish them.


Owing to the fact that I love crime novels this is the perfect recreation of that kind of novels in the big screen. You have until wait to the end of the film to know who the murderer is and the final is completely unpredictable and surprising. In addition, the main actors in this film are Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, as everyone knows, on they own, they are very good actors, but when they work together, they make a spectacular duo. For me they are one of the best’s actors nowadays, however, I’m afraid they are getting old.


I would recommend this film to everyone due to the fact that the plot can attract anybody whatever his likes are.


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