At the Opera House, there was a big welcome party to the new managers, MonsieurfANTASMA Debienne and Monsieur Poligny. In the party, the old managers told them about the Opera Ghost. They didn’t believe them. The old managers told them too that they couldn’t sell box 5, because in every performance the Opera Ghost was there…


The first performance couldn’t start, because Christine, the protagonist wasn’t in the Opera House. Raoul, her friend was scared, because he thought that the Opera Ghost had killed her… He found a letter that said that Christine was in Pellon, a village where they played when they were children. Raoul went there and told her that he loved her. He heard a man voice and saw a shadow, but he didn’t say anything.


In the next performance, the managers were in box 5, and a man voice interrupted FANTOMthe performance. Seconds later, a big chandelier fell on a woman’s head. She died. Then Raoul was invited to a mask party. Christine was dressed in white. In the party Raoul saw a man, with a strange mask, and a message on his cloak. Christine took Raoul’s hand, and carried him to a room. Raoul stopped her, because he had seen a strange man. Raoul didn’t understand anything, and Christine couldn’t explain him anything now… After the party they talked about getting married.


Every day Christine showed a new part of the Opera House to Raoul. One day, they opened a trap-door on the stage, and she said Erik (the Opera Ghost) lived there.


In the next performance, Christine disappeared when she was on the stage. When the policeman was asking Raoul, he saw a strange man. He was Persian, and he advised Raoul not to talk about Erik, and he disappeared.


The Persian knew Erik. He told Raoul that Christine was with Erik, and they had to help them. They went to Christine’s dressing-room, and closed the door. The Persian turned the mirror, like a revolving door. Raoul followed the Persian into the trap-door. They heard voices in the next room: they were Erik and Christine.


Could Raoul save his love? Read this story and find out the answer…..





This a very interesting story, because everything is important. In this book you have love, mystery, drama… At the same time it’s very difficult, you need to be very concentrate to understand everything. I like it a lot, and I recommend you to read it.





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