PASAPALABRA por Bruno Álvarez

Bruno nos ha preparado este juego en inglés. Vuestras respuestas a



A: Ocean that surrounds Ireland and part of the U.K.PASAPALABRA


B: Elizabeth II’s palace.


C: One of the most important universities in the U.K.


D: Common touristic bus that has two floors.


E: Capital of Scotland.


F: The most famous sport in England.


G: It’s a village and the name of the most famous Meridian.


H: Very big shop, where you can find everything.


I: The northern part of this country is from the United Kingdom.


J: Name of one of the Beatles. He was composer, singer…


K: Jorge VI was a…


L: City where the Beatles were born.


M: Important city of England that has very important football   teams.


It contains one “n”:Most famous abbey in England.


It contains an “O”: One common touristic point made of two big towers and a long bridge.


P: Name of Ireland’s patron.


Q: Elizabeth II is the actual…


R:Don and Tweed are two of the Scotland’s…


S: Monument made of stones making shelters in circle.


          T: Main river in London.


          U: Name of the U.K.’s flag.


         It contains a “V”: Typical sauce of the U.K. made of vegetables and  meat juice.


          W: One of the countries of the U.K.


          X: Very important university in the U.K.


          Y: National measure system in the U.K.


          Z: “Welsh Mountains” is a…



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