MURDER ON THE BEACH by Sofía de Gruijter


Author: Philip Drury

Linda Stevenson moves to Cornwall, in a little village called Penmarron. She used to live in London, so she finds Cornwall a little boring!, until her adventure starts…

She finds a body on the beach but when the police goes to have a look to the beach, they don´t find the body, so they don´t believe her.

Then, she meets a boy called Mark. They both decide to investigate the murder by themselves. They find some clues that help them: some rubbish bags. Then, they see a man moving across the cliff top. The bags contained the dead body of a small dog, lots of documents (all of those with the same signature),diaries… It looked that it belonged to the same person.

After a few weeks they suspected of the Carlsbrook mansion. They got a great opportunity when a film crew went there to film inside the mansion. There, they found evidence for the crime: a red curly wig, dark glasses and a white sweater that was Julia´s costume (the owner of the house together with her sister) of her death sister.

Finally they got enough evidences to tell everything to the police who finally believed them.


Written by: Sofía de Gruijter (2º ESO_B)

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