ENGLISH WORDS by Íñigo Martín

Look for the word that corresponds to each of the following statements about England and English.


1.           Timeliness: English are known by his extreme _____________. The slightness delay getting to an appointment is considered as a real lack of respect.


2.           One of the most important mores in the British is his great love for the _________. In fact, in many houses is always a pot with bowling water ready for a cup of it.


3.          __________; this practise is widespread in many supermarkets, it consists in paying with a debit card more than the amount of purchase made and receiving the different in cash. It’s a good way for get some money.


4.           In the UK there’re many _______ at homes. They are used to cover the floor and to avoid heat from escaping. They are not very hygienic.


5.           Education: they are always saying words like: please ,thank you, your welcome and ________, so if you don’t answer in the same way is a discourtesy.


6.           Superstitions: touching wood, putting some money in the pockets of a new jacket, founding a four leaves clover or crossing with a black _____________, are considered symbols of good luck.


7.           Dining: the main dish is fish and __________.


8.           Although in Spain is very common to give two kisses when you meet someone, in the UK they only give _________ or a hand.


9.           __________: are places where English go with some friends for a few drinks. They are symbols of social life.


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